SuperUser library for Nintendo 3DS

Lib SuperUser takes inspiration from the term used in Android operating system that identifies an user with all the privileges over the device. 
The purpose of the project is to provide something similar to the Nintendo 3DS usermode, so that any homebrew developer can use some simple functions to have access to any service he wants, call any system call, run code in kernel mode, and possibly more in the near future. 

In order to achieve that the lib need to exploit Kernel and processes vulnerabilities, and since Nintendo usually updates and improves his favourite handheld it's impossible for us to have all the up to date firmware versions supported, but I'll try to use the most compatible exploits publicy available on the lib. 

In order to use it you just need to include the .h and .c file in your homebrew project, and then rock! 

Exploits used


Target Exploit name Support Credits
ARM11 Kernel Memchunkhax II All 3DSes Ver. <= 10.3 Reproduction of the exploit presented here. Credit goes so to derrek, smea and plutoo, while this implementation has been realized with the help of Steveice10, julian20, MassExplosion, TuxSH and motezazer.